2021 Dream & Goal Visualisation

The aim'n mission is to inspire and motivate women all over the world to truly believe in themselves and the power of their dreams. We want to encourage you to reflect on the year that has just passed, but more importantly to focus on what you want for the year ahead.

Let's start filling our own cups up and taking complete care of ourselves first. Let's start putting our goals and dreams first and taking action in achieving them. A happy life comes from identifying your dreams, taking actions and creating the life you want. 

To kickstart the new year and re-align our focus, we would love for you to join us on a short visualisation focusing on the future ahead of us and what's truly possible.

"If we could ask you to find a quiet space for a few minutes, a space without any distractions. We would love it if you could close down your eyes, only if it resonates with you and feels comfortable. We are going to take three deep breaths, letting all of today come out and be released. In through the nose, and out through the mouth. One, two, three. 

Now, with your eyes closed we want you to imagine, it's the end of 2021. And you've achieved all of the goals you set out to achieve this year. Imagine how you're feeling... Are you proud? Confident? Really feel it... Where do you feel it? Is it in your heart? Do you maybe have chills? What does is look like, when you look in the mirror? What are the thoughts like, in your head now?

Reflect on the new relationships you've made, with yourself, with your body, with your loved ones. How much further towards your goals you are. And how much stronger you are. In every single way. 

Deep breath in, and out through the mouth.

We want you to visualise, you're looking in the mirror a year from now... You're absolutely GLOWING. Radiating from the inside out. You're feeling your best self, you can see from the colour in your eyes how healthy you are right now. And the only thoughts going through your head, are positive empowering thoughts. And you crack a cheeky smile, just because you're so freaking proud of yourself. 

Deep breath in, and out through the mouth. 

Release all self doubt and limiting beliefs, you are right now, achieving everything that you're wanting to achieve. You are exactly where you need to be...

You can flutter your eyes open, with this new knowing that you can do it! You can do anything that you put your mind too. No matter how big or small your goals are, you can do it."

Hold this belief throughout the year. When challenges arise, know deep down that you are enough, it is possible and you can do it! We believe in you babes! Now go out and reach those goals of yours and achieve the life you've always dreamed of.

Lots of love, the aim'n tribe x